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When using the 'Run command under Windows command prompt' if I insert a multi line script only the first line runs.

I have a 3 line example, that moves some files - the paths and folders expand correctly in the right hand log pane, but only the first line is actioned.

If I cut and paste the commands into a cmd prompt they work as expected, and if I concatenate them to a single line in the script with the & they all run correctly.

This also happens with a separate entry that just renames 2 files - as 2 lines only the first runs, if I concatenate them into a single line both commands run.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

to be exact
Code: Select allmd "<%ServerTriageFolder%>\<%GUID%>" move "<%RootPath%>\<%GUID%>\*.*" "<%ServerTriageFolder%>\<%GUID%>" rd "<%RootPath%>\<%GUID%>"
only runs line one
Code: Select allmd "<%ServerTriageFolder%>\<%GUID%>"&move "<%RootPath%>\<%GUID%>\*.*" "<%ServerTriageFolder%>\<%GUID%>"&rd "<%RootPath%>\<%GUID%>"
runs all the commands