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The forum is now read only. Please, go to the the main Email Parser website if you need help.
Post here if you experience problems or get unexpected errors.

Unfortunately I have the same error that the XML configuration could not be saved. Every minute the error message appears. Saving a backup and later opening this backup does not help. ALL settings are lost when you close the application and reopen it. :cry:

I am sorry but this is a non workable situation. PLEASE have this major error fixed asap.

This time I didn't extract data with linefeed characters, so something else must create the XML file corruption. When you open the XML file, you see it's been cut off half way. So you miss important data and tags.


EDIT: Just found out that the error starts when selecting Script Based Action, even when there is no code at all entered...
Problem fixed. Thanks for reporting this Maurice.

Please, grab the latest version from the download section of the website.
Fantastic! Thank you for the quick solution! Good work! :P