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I'm trying to install EmailParser on another machine, and I get the following error: Sequence contains no elements. (See attached screenshot).

Do you know what may be causing this error? Is it due to the fact that I'm using .NET Framework 4.5 on a Windows Server 2008 R2?

Hello Romain,

What version and build date of Email&Parser are you using? Please, check Preferences->About

It is not likely because of the version of .NET framework you have installed.


I've had this poroblem using 4.0
I have now tried with 4.1 and am experiencing the same issue.

Do you have any other idea?

Could this be a network issue? As it seems Email&Parser is able to interrogate POP server but not downloading emails.

Hello Romain,

It seems to be an issue with the internal database where Email & Parser stores the email. It may be corrupt or something else. Try the following:

1.- Close Email & Parser
2.- Open an explorer window (the one used to browse files, not Internet explorer)
3.- type %APPDATA% in the address bar (at the top) and press enter. It should bring you to something like C:\Users\MyUserNameHere\Application Data\. The actual path depends on the version of Windows.
4.- Then find a directory named "FrozenFrog Software". Inside that folder, open a subfolder named EmailAndParser, then open
5.- Delete everything in that directory except Settings.xml
6.- Open Email & Parser and click run.

Please, report here if this solved the issues. Note that this procedure deletes your email history.

If this does not work please send me your settings.xml to to test it here and fix it.

Thank you,
This has resolved my case.

Thanks a lot,