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The service is running but after several days it stops processing emails. I have stopped and started the service and the emails still do not get processed. If I open the desktop GUI then the emails start processing and will continue to process when the GUI is closed. The server is Windows 2008 R2 SP1.
I have more information about the issue. After a reboot of the server, the service is running but the application is not processing any new emails. If I open the GUI on the console it will then start processing emails and continue to process emails when the GUI is closed. I have the service setup with a "Delay Start".
I have exactly the same issue. Any news on this?
does the service work in v4.3?

on my install manually running gets all e-mails, but nothing happens when service is called.

any ideas?

Anybody figure this out?

I too notice that the service doesn't work until you launch the actual application. After launching the application, it can be closed and the service will take over from there.

This kind of defeats the purpose of having a service, that it's functional after a reboot without user intervention.

I emailed support twice, the first time on January the 4th, but haven't heard anything. We'd be even willing to pay for the software / support in order to get the service working properly, but nobody has gotten back to us.
Any update on this issue?
We are having the same issue.
Still working on this. Sorry guys.

Email Parser is being mostly rewritten this is why it is taken longer than usual.