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There is a bug where you cannot disable saving email history(it basically downloads all emails and also duplicates them in SDF/sql ce database). everrytime i uncheck the button it does not do anything and it is still checked. attached screenshot.

It works great on first run, parses several emails per 10sec. over time when its db has gigs stored sometimes like 6gb) it parses 1email/minute! you can see everything is getting slow as turtle.

Anyone found a workaround?? :)
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I get same error!!! Please Help me!
I couldn't find any option to enable in the XML setting file.
One workaround I found is to delete SDF db and eml outlook messages, then add/set filters to only download, parse emails after that date and run. but still slow with thousands of emails/day
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I too am having the same problem. I am trying to process 100 emails a minute and it has slowed down to be unusable. I have a 45min delay in processing and only getting worse. Any Suggestions other then manually clearing the database 3 times a day? And trying to remove the emails from the email log, requires me to take the system offline.
no clue so far

I've been using this software for quite a while now, and it is really amazing. It saved me A LOT of manual work.

However, I'm having the same issue described here: the more it runs, the slower it gets.

Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you,

It seems that there is no solution in sight as all the posts about this issue goes unanswered by support.
I too have encountered this bug and my DB is only 400MB.

Please please fix this!
Hi there,

This problem has been fixed in the latest release. If anyone experiences the same issue please post here.