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hello there,

I have a small problem with making an update in a SQL server environment. The thing is that I do not get anything into the variables and thus my record fields are empty, the upgrade procedure itself works fine. So what I mean is the email source and the email parser work fine and I do have the right data in the variables when looking at the email parser. But then when I put the variable into my SQL update string it remains empty. Any idea's what I'm doing wrong? Down below my DATA:
The email parser produced the following results:

naam bertus


execute spSeatmeTestupdate @naam='<%naam%>',@email='1', @telefoon='2', @datum='23 juli 2016', @tijd='19:00', @aantal='3', @opmerkingen='<%opmerkingen1%> - <%promotie1%>', @res_nummer='13164691'1'

Connecting to SQL server


Running SQL sentence:

execute spSeatmeTestupdate @naam='',@email='1', @telefoon='2', @datum='23 juli 2016', @tijd='19:00', @aantal='3', @opmerkingen=' - ', @res_nummer='13164691'


Hope that anyone can help me! :?:
Regards, James
I am having the same issue... I am worried that i don't see a response to this.

I would need to see how the items on the left panel are connected.

Could you send me your configuration file to ?

You can get the file in Preferences->Load and Save Settings->Save current settings to a file
Rember to uncheck "save email history" and "save passwords" (for your privacy)
Sorry for the late response, I kind of given up on the program but if there is some support I'm willing to give it a new try. I need to reinstall and reconfigure so it will take a little time. I'll get back to you!
hello again,

I'm building the workflow again but at my first test I ran into some trouble. I've a filtered E-mail source (works just fine) which I use as input for the parser. For testing purposes I only configured 2 fields within the parser and testing the fields settings they seem to work just fine. But when testing the E-mail parser settings both fields stay empty! How can this happen? I did use the same e-mail text for all instances! Can you help me? I use regular expressions to extract the data from the e-mail. If you need more information I would be happy to send it to you!
This has nothing to do with SQL, I not trying to write anything to anywhere, so the automated process isn't called yet!

Regards, JAMES
Hello James,

I have just checked this issue and seems to be a bug of the testing dialog. Does the parsing works when you actually click the "Run button"?
I'm afraid not. I just removed the filter conditions to make testing easy but as you can see the fields are empty. The stand alone fields still work just fine.

········ Running filter onderwerp

This filter has no conditions set

Filter passed

········ Running data-reservering-RaT

The parser produced the following results:

naam empty
Adres empty

········ Running Write to TXT file 1

Opening text file C:\Users\Jo\Documents\test emailparser\test.txt

Writing on text file

Closing text file

········ Finished
Could you send me an email with your settings to Remember to change your passwords or any private information.

Saving is done at Preferences->Load and Save settings.

Also, if you send a sample email the better