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Why is an email address not being retrieved into a field from some test body text in the following case? The test body text contains the sentence, "Your message to couldn't be delivered." My 'starts after' is "Your message to", and my 'continues until' is "couldn't be delivered". With trimming on I would have thought the value retrieved would be "", but instead there are "no results". Can anyone help me?

Screen shot attached.

The full test body text is:

Your message to couldn't be delivered.

test.person wasn't found at

marketing Office 365 test.person
Action Required Recipient

Unknown To address

How to Fix It
The address may be misspelled or may not exist. Try one or more of the following:

* Send the message again following these steps: In Outlook, open this non-delivery report (NDR) and choose Send Again from the Report ribbon. In Outlook on the web, select this NDR, then select the link "To send this message again, click here." Then delete and retype the entire recipient address. If prompted with an Auto-Complete List suggestion don't select it. After typing the complete address, click Send.
* Contact the recipient (by phone, for example) to check that the address exists and is correct.
* The recipient may have set up email forwarding to an incorrect address. Ask them to check that any forwarding they've set up is working correctly.
* Clear the recipient Auto-Complete List in Outlook or Outlook on the web by following the steps in this article: Fix email delivery issues for error code 5.1.10 in Office 365<>, and then send the message again. Retype the entire recipient address before selecting Send.
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Hi Colin,

I have tried it here and it seems to work. There is also an attached screenshot below. I would check the following:

- There are different kinds of apostrophes. I would check if "couldn't" has the correct one. Just in case.
- You are running the latest build of Email Parser. Yesterday I released a new build with some minor fixes. It is not noticed on the website because are mostly minimal. I do not remember fixing anything related to the "Starts after... continues until...." algorithm but.... who knows.

And if it still does not work, please send me your settings file (Preferences->Load and save settings). I only need the left panel items so you can uncheck to save email history and the passwords. We can also talk by phone or Skype and share the screens whatever you prefer.
Hi Colin,

if it still doesn't work maybe you could try a regular expression?
Something like "\b[A-Z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,6}\b" should do the trick!

regards, J.
James many thanks for your suggestion I think you are right but I am not very good with regular expressions, I have only a basic knowledge of them. So long term Yes I will try to learn this subject, but short term I would like to find out what I'm doing wrong with my more basic approach because I may learn from that too. I'll reply to official support
Hello support, Yes I see your screen shot, my apostrophes check out OK so it is quite weird. I will look for the settings file you mention.
I have sorted it. My "Captured text starts after" had a line break (CR+LF) after the visible text (left hand upper pane). I have deleted the line break and now it works. I had it working previously so some time later I must have adjusted this text and hit Enter, or maybe pasted it in without noticing the new line. Thanks for your input and it prompted me to check my settings!
Thanks for the update Colin. Yes, line breaks are a big problem as they are not shown in text boxes. Some code editors draw a special symbol to let the user know that there is a line break or carriage return there.
May be this is something that Email Parser should take care.