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I created a script which tests if there are attachments.
As basis I used the default script.

But the result of Attachments.Count is always ZERO even if there are attachements in the email present as you can see in the Output (see attachment)

This is the code I use:
//This is a template for a script-based email filter.
// See
// for further information and examples

using System;
using System.Net.Mail;
using EmailParserBackend.ScriptingInterface;

public class MyFilter : ScriptBasedEmailFilter
// You have to implement this method. The returned boolean is wether or
// not the email passes the filter.
public override bool FilterEmail(MailMessage msg)
// Example 2:
// Check if the email has an attachment

bool condition2 = msg.Attachments.Count!=0;
// The email is not blocked if satifies both conditions.
Any suggestions???

Regards Matt
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Yes, I have just checked this and it is a bug that seems easy to fix. In a couple of days a new beta version will be released at I will post here any updates
Thanks for the super fast response :D
I really like the product A LOT and bought a licence this morning.
Thanks ;)

I have just fixed it and uploaded it to:

The Beta, at this moment, works very well. You may find some little issues in the way an email is shown in the list of available emails in the email source and not much else.