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I am getting this error "There is insufficient disk space to complete operation" on an IMAP connection.

the C:\ drive has 25GB free - there are 200 messages in the inbox to process.
This error probably comes from the email server itelf. Could you confirm is this can be the case? If no, please post here a screenshot of the error (or contact me via the Support link you can see at the top)
thanks. the mail server looks ok

250GB capacity - 39.7GB free

the terminal server where the parser is running

300GB capacity - 34GB free

The mailbox is 1GB, this is the error:
········ Checking emails for

Connecting to the IMAP server at

Accessing folder INBOX

Getting email list

206 new emails

Downloading the 10 most recent messages.

Downloading email 1 of 10

Error. There is insufficient disk space to complete operation..
Honestly, this error never happened before. If your email inbox has enough space I do not know why is happening.

To see what is going on inside the program I would need to send you a special version. Would you mind to book a 1-on-1 consultation for this (it is free). You can do this from here:

I will post here any updates