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I am trying to check to detect if my custom written command line program fails when ran from Email Parser. I was hoping if my program returned an non zero error code, for example, I could use Run When A Previous Error Happens and perhaps just forward the email to a person to process instead. It appears that when you link a Run When Previous Error Happens to a Run External Program action, that only if Email Parser experiences an error directly (such as it can't find the executable) does this get triggered. Am I doing something wrong with the exit codes or is it just something that isn't supported currently? If so is there some sort of work around? Basically a signaling system from an external program to Email Parser.
Am I doing something wrong with the exit codes or is it just something that isn't supported currently?

It is not supported. The action "Run external program" is only considered failed when a the executable file of the external program is not found. This is, as of version 4.6, the current behavior.

But, as you noticed, it would be useful to consider also an error when the returned code of the external program is different than 0.

I will file this as a bug to be fixed in the 4.7 release. I am not sure when this will be actually coded as this new version have so many changes. But definitely it looks like something it must be done.

In the meantime, I think you need to implement some kind of workaround using scripting within Email Parser (see

You can, for example, modify your custom program to create a file that flags when something happens. Then in the C# script inside Email Parser you can check for the existence of this file as following:
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Great idea and thank you so much for the detailed example. Hopefully the return value can get built into a future version but this is a great work around. Really enjoying the software so far, it is far more stable and UI is vastly easier to understand than a competing program I attempted to use before. Wish I had discovered EmailParser earlier.