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I have just started using this software...awesome tool, kudos!

After installing the windows service I am in a bind; I set auto start and auto close after completion; between those two settings I am now being prevented from making any adjustments, as the only enabled button right after start up is STOP, which does not only stop the current process, but also ends the application, so I cannot get back to Preferences;

I looked at the app.config, but those settings are from 2014, and it is now 2016, so clearly not where settings are saved; I also checked for ini files or registry entries, but I have no idea where to undo what I did. How to get back in control?
UPDATE: I discovered that at the end of a cycle, you have 5 seconds during which the other buttons incl. Preference is enabled before the app closes. That let me get to Preferences and undo auto close after which I was back in control.