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Up until version 4.5 I ran the email parser service with a domain account to ensure that the application has access to certain file shares to save e-mails and attachments.

However with version 4.6 this no longer seems possible since I keep getting the message "Unable to connect to the Windows service".
When I switch the service back to the Local System account it runs without any issues.

I've tried to logon to the server with the domain account, install email parser and the service with this account but it still won't run with any domain account, only with local system accounts which makes half of my parsing actions unusable.

Can anyone assist with this?
Thanks in advance.
Hello TimC

Thanks for reporting this. I have tested it here and it must be a bug of Email Parser, the fix is being written now.

I will post a new message here when the new setup file is ready to download (hopefully tomorrow)
Thank you for the quick reply and great support.
I'm looking forward to the fix.
Hi Tim,

The new setup file is ready to download:

You do not need to uninstall EmailParser first, the setup will take care of updating the existing files.
Please, let me know if you are finally able to run it as a service with the domain account.

I've just installed the new version and the service runs without any issues now.
Thank you!