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I'm trying to test this product as I have a need to extract some data from emails on a daily basis and update certain fields of a database. My e-mail parser test went through fine and was able to get the desired result but when I try to use those field names to run an update query it does not seem to work. It just updates the table with 0.The following is my query:
update test_table
set count = '<%count%>'
where customer_name = '<%cust_name%>'
I would ideally like to use a 'like' in my where clause, which would look like:
update test_table
set count = '<%count%>'
where customer_name like '<%cust_name%>'
What am I missing here? Please advise

Thanks in advance!!
Hello Madhu,

Coult you try testing the database action and post here what do you get? If you test it you should see the SQL sentence (with the placeholders <%__%> replaced with the actual value)

You can also send us your configuration saving it via:

Toolbar->Preferences->Backup and restore settings->Backup current settings to a file

Remember to remove any passwords or put any incorrect value before sending this file.

Hello There,
I tried to capture the query with the actual value but could not, all I was getting in the log was: Connecting and then SQL Sentence: , which was empty. Am I missing something in the setup?

Am I missing something in the setup?
Not sure. Getting an empty SQL sentence is very strange. I would need to see your configuration and try it for myself. Send me at least a screenshot of the database action, please.