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In 5.1 it worked. Now in 5.2 it doesnt. Sending the same http reques via browser, it give a reponse. Via EP it doesnt. On the HTTP server I see no connection.
········ Running action Get setting 'database' from API Documentor
Error. Waarde kan niet null zijn.
Parameternaam: input.
[18-02-2019 13:06:40] [EmailParserBackend] OutputHandler::SendEvent(): item_is_running
httpreq error.PNG
httpreq error.PNG (7.13KiB)Viewed 3159 times
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I deleted the existing HTTP reques actions and created new ones, exactly equal to the old ones, and it works again.

I will export and import the settings to another server to see what happens.

Thanks for reporting this. I have just fixed it now.

It is not still available in the version you can download from the website but feel free to ask me by email for the new setup file